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What is Website Hosting?

There are two components to any website.  The first is your domain name, which is the gateway to your website. Domain names are purchased through a "registrar" and can be used to "point" to any website.  The actual files that run your website are stored on a remote server, known as a hosting server.  Since all of the files that your website relies on to operate properly are stored on the hosting server, it is essential that the server provider you choose is a reputable one.

Why Choose CGM Web Solutions to host your site?

CGM Web Solutions has chosen some of the top server companies in the world to host our client websites.  We choose only the best data centres to ensure that our clients' sites get the absolute best performance and support available.  Our hosting includes;

  • Flexible memory and bandwidth to suit the needs of your site

  • Unlimited E-Mail Accounts

  • Webmail Access, POP3, IMAP, E-mail you can USE!

  • Subdomains

  • Maintenance and Support (with purchase of a Maintenance and Support Package)

  • Scheduled weekly off-site backups to Amazon S3 Cloud storage, one of the world leaders in secure cloud storage

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